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Mission Statement

We believe that manufacturing jobs are the pillars of a vibrant economy and a thriving middle class.  Furthermore, we believe that businesses that utilize engineered management systems have a significant advantage over businesses that operate without such tools.  We believe that these systems must provide an objective work level evaluation that both the employee and employer can agree is fair.  We believe that all businesses should use such systems to understand the affect to both the worker and profitability. Fair work levels with reasonable profits lead to long-term employment and economic success. Consequently, we believe that these systems have played a major role in making the United States the manufacturing leader and the economic super-power that it is today. As such, our mission is to support the competitive position of manufacturing industries by developing innovative tools that increase the profitability of our association members as well as businesses at large.

MTM Systems help our users to manage their businesses from a position of strength, in knowing precisely how their sales demand and work environment affect productivity and profitability. Managing from such a position of strength allows for the greatest economic expansion of our users’ businesses, and thus expansion of the US economy in general.

Furthermore, we believe that the extension of these techniques to service sector (i.e. healthcare, transportation, retail, food, et. al.) offers significant opportunity for cost reduction and profitability improvements. To this end, it is a goal of the MTM Association to refine and further enhance our products to meet the needs of this expanding segment of our economy.

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