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MTM Courses

MTM is proud to offer a variety of training classes to not only help users better understand MTM systems, but to modernize and improve businesses around the world. Please note that some courses have prerequisites, as they are designed to build upon your previously-gained knowledge of time measurement systems in order to give you a more comprehensive and in-depth education.

We want you to become MTM experts to help catapult your business to the top of your industry. Our comprehensive courses will provide you with the tools to make your company run as efficiently as possible, while still considering the health and wellness of your employees.

For our generalized courses, we instruct distance learning classes online through Iowa State University, as well as classes in-house in the Milwaukee area and on-site at your location.

Specialized Courses

MTM also offers classes specific to your industry, geared at educating you about measuring tasks in your specialized environment. These courses include:

  • ProKon Design for Assembly
  • Ergonomics
  • Principles of Standard Data Construction
  • MTM-B
  • MTM-4M

These classes are offered at the MTM office in Waukesha, WI, or on-site at your location.

Software Courses

Our team of instructors also teach a course on the fundamentals of the TiCon software for use in work measurement and standard data construction. This comprehensive program is used by companies worldwide and is the standard software system for the application of MTM’s work measurement systems.

Learning your way around the TiCon software and understanding its use as a database of work standards can help make your business a leader in your industry.

Learn More About MTM Application Training Courses

For more information about our MTM training classes, please don’t hesitate to contact us in Waukesha, WI, at (844) 686-1951 or visit the Iowa State website for details about our courses.

For even more information about MTM software and methods, please sign up for one of our classes above, or phone us at (844) 686-1951.
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