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Work Measurement Systems

The MTM (short for Methods-Time Measurement) work philosophy is a carefully-honed and time-honored group of building blocks for managing the workflow of modern businesses. Each systematic procedure functions by improving methods and establishing time standards for a variety of industries and organizations, and by evolving to fit the growing needs of each user.

The MTM System works by recognizing, classifying and describing the motions used or required to perform a given operation. It then assigns predetermined time standards to each motion to promote efficiency and profitability.

At MTM, our engineers are constantly researching new methods and staying up-to-date on trends across the spectrum to ensure we are always meeting the various needs of our systems’ diverse users.

Work Measurement Systems

The Generic MTM Systems are designed to be adaptable and meet the need for work measurement in any environment, regardless of industry, by establishing a base. Each system is based on content – or the employee’s task – and time and specifically designed to handle varying complexities of their environment.

  • MTM-1®
    MTM-1 is the basic building block from which all other MTM systems have been developed. This timeless system, which is used worldwide, determines the time necessary for performing a given operation by analyzing the manual motions required and assigning a time value to each. MTM-1 is ideally suited to use in mass production environments with permanent short-cycle repetitions.
  • MTM-UAS®
    MTM-UAS represents a second generation of synthesized data, based on the MTM-1 system. It was constructed through use of statistical analysis of basic MTM-1 motion patterns. It has what we consider to be a medium capacity for work manner diversity. This system is best-suited in environments that use batch or serial production or similar processes.
  • MTM-MEK®
    MTM-MEK, a third-generation system based on statistical analysis of MTM-1 data, is designed for economical measurement of small lot or one-of-a-kind unit production with long cycle times. MTM-MEK is also ideal for other infrequently-performed tasks that were once considered too costly or difficult to measure, as it has a high capacity for work manner diversity.

Functional Systems

Our MTM functional systems are designed for specific environments that require work measurement tailored to their industry.

MTM-Logistics (Material Handling and Transportation)

In the Shipping and Receiving Departments lie the first and last steps in delivering your product to market.  Understanding the complexity and work load in these vital areas is another key piece of information.  MTM-Logistics will help you understand the following activities:

  • Fork truck operations
  • Manual material movements with carts and pallet jacks
  • Packing and unpacking materials

You can use the Standard Data included in TiCon3, or let MTM Logistics Specialists help you develop your own customized Logistics Analysis System.

MTM-MOS (MTM Office Systems)

When selecting appropriate methods and practices for structuring an organization and implementing efficiency programs, the particular characteristics of the various activities in the following sectors need to be considered:

  • Industrial administration
  • Health care
  • Financial service providers
  • Trade and service
  • Public service sector

These activities occur mainly in offices and can therefore be generally termed “office sector.” New information and communication technologies are increasingly facilitating tasks in this sector. However, an office equipped with data processing technology does not guarantee a successful business, as modern technology cannot automatically improve an inefficient organization.  MTM-MOS can help you understand the work load in your office.

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